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  • Cinnamon & Poria Teapills (Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan) - 200 Pills/Bottle - Plum Flower Brand

Cinnamon & Poria Teapills (Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan) - 200 Pills/Bottle - Plum Flower Brand


Product Description

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Cinnamon & Poria Teapills
Plum Flower 
Code 13365

Other Names

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan
Cinnamon and Poria Formula
Cinnamon Twig and Hoelen Pills
Guizhi Fuling Wan

Gui zhi, Fu ling, Chi shao, Mu dan pi, Tao ren.
Ingredients (Botanical) Cinnamomum cassia twig, Poria cocos fungus, Paeonia lactiflora root, Paeonia suffruticosa root-bark, Prunus persica seed.
Pack Size 200 Pills/Bottle
Other Ingredients
Botanical wax, talcum.


About Cinnamon & Poria Teapills

Cinnamon & Poria Teapills transform blood and phlegm stagnation, invigorate the blood, and warm the uterus. These teapills also help to promote circulation. According to Chinese medical theory, Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan was one of the earliest methods of herb therapy for uterine masses. "The cold qi is dispelled by using cinnamon twig; the water stagnation is dispelled by hoelen (poria); the blockage and obstruction of blood flow is treated by the combination of persica, red peony, and moutan" (Dharmananda, 2003). Even today, the formula is regarded as the primary ancient formula to use for uterine masses. "It lists Guizhi Fuling Wan (Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula) as the ancient formula of choice for use today in both China and Japan" (Dharmananda, 2003).


Benefits of Cinnamon & Poria Teapills

There are many benefits to using Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan. Some of the western applications include using the formula for infertility, ovarian cysts, retention of lochia, hysteromyoma, pelvic inflammatory diseaseendometriosisirregular menses, and postpartum bleeding. Many women use Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan to help reduce the amount of blood lost during menstruation, as well as to help with pain relief for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Additional benefits of Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan include supporting vaginal health, relaxing pre-menstrual tension, supporting joint health, and regulating the menstrual cycle. 


Scientific Studies on Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

There are already many studies that support the beneficial actions of Cinnamon & Poria Teapills. "[Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan] has been shown to exhibit biological activity against diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, atherosclerosis, ischemia, and cancer" (Jeong et al., 2015). Other studies are coming to light that further support the possible benefits of this formula. 


There have been some scientific studies regarding Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan as an intravesical therapeutic agent for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (bladder cancer). The results showed that the formula helped to inhibit the growth of bladder cancer cells. "Our results also demonstrate that GFW interferes with cell cycle progression... Our results provide experimental evidence to support [Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan] as a strong candidate for intravesicle chemotherapy against bladder cancer" (Lu et al., 2013). 


Another study suggested that Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan is a therapeutic agent for inflammatory skin disorders. "We used the HaCaT human keratinocyte cell line to investigate the effects of [Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan] on skin inflammation... We suggest that [Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan] may be a potent therapeutic agent for inflammatory skin disorders" (Jeong et al., 2015). 


Ingredients in Cinnamon & Poria Teapills

Cinnamon & Poria Teapills contain many different herbs that perform a variety of actions. 

    • Cinnamon Twig (Ghu Zhi) - warms the middle, transforms qi, warms the channels, directs turbid yin downward, warms the blood through the vessels to relieve pain, facilitates the flow of yang qi in the chest
    • Red Peony Root (Chi Shao) - cools the blood, activates blood, dispels blood stasis, clears heat
    • Poria (Fu Ling) - transforms phlegm, resolves dampness, strengthens the spleen, promotes urination
    • Moutan Root Bark (Mu Dan Pi) - dispels blood stasis, drains pus, reduces swelling, activates blood
    • Peach Kernel (Tao Ren) - invigorates blood circulation, dispels blood stasis





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Huang Chunduan, Guizhi Fuling Wan in treating 60 cases of hysteromyoma, New Traditional Chinese Medicine 1982; (10): 24-26.


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Lu CC, Lin MY, Chen SY, Shen CH, Chen LG, Hsieh HY, Chan MW, Hsu CD. The investigation of a traditional Chinese medicine, Guizhi Fuling Wan (GFW) as an intravesical therapeutic agent for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2013 Feb 23;13:44. doi: 10.1186/1472-6882-13-44. PubMed PMID: 23433042; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3599278.


Sakamoto S, et al., Pharmacotherapuetic effects of Guizhi Fuling Wan on human uterine myomas, American Journal of Chinese Medicine 1992; 20 (3-4): 313-317.

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