1 Pound Bulk Cut & Sifted Herbs

Shop our large selection of Chinese herbs and western herbs!  At 1st Chinese Herbs we offer safe, fresh and high-quality cut and whole medicinal herbs to help you manage your health needs.  Select from a wide variety of lab tested, conventional and organic dried cut and whole herbs that you can feel confident using.

All of the herbs we offer are rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides, other impurities and for authentication.  A Certificate of Analysis is available for our cut and whole herbs upon request (excludes the conventional herbs).

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Nuherbs Cut & Whole Conventional Herbs

Nuherbs Cut & Whole Lab-Tested Herbs

Nuherbs Cut & Whole Organic Herbs

Plum Flower Cut & Whole Herbs

Plum Flower Cut & Whole Organic Herbs

Starwest Botanicals Cut & Whole Herbs

Starwest Botanicals Organic Cut & Whole Herbs