Blazei Agaricus

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Common Names:  Blazei Agaricus Mushroom, Blazei, Agaricus blazei, Blazei Bioavailable Mushroom Powder, God's Mushroom, Mushroom of the Sun, Royal Sun Agaricus
Botanical Name:  Agaricus blazei
Blazei Agaricus Dosage: Consult your healthcare professional for your correct dosage. 
Blazei Agaricus Precautions:  Do not use if  pregnant aor nusing.  May interact with diabetes medications.  Do not use if you have liver disease.  Avoid use prior to surgery

Blazei Agaricus Benefits & Information

Blazei Agaricus was fist discovered in Brazil.  This mushroom is rich in minerals, fiber, amino acids and contains more protien and carbohydrates than other mushrooms.  Blazei Agaricus naturally boosts your immune system, may promote the a positive response to inflammation, supports healthy weight, benefits liver function, promotes normal glucose levels and aides the body in eliminating toxins.  In an abstract of a double blind study published on the US National Library of Medicine the Blazei Mushroom was found to have beneficial effects on certain tumors, allergies, asthma, infections and inflammatory conditions. For moe information your can read the full article here.
Blazei Agaricus Naturally Occurring Components:  polysaccarides (beta 1-3 glucan, beta 1-6 glucan), amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protien, carbohydrates


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