Peaceful Sleep (teapills)


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Common Names:  
An Mien Pien  (Tablets), Peaceful Sleep Teapills, An Mien Teapills
Chinese / Pin Yin Name:   An Mien Wan
Peaceful Sleep Teapills Ingredients: Varies with Brand - Please click on the brand for more information.
Peaceful Sleep Teapills Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider or follow package label directions.
Peaceful Sleep Teapills Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
**Allergy Information: Contains tree nuts & wheat. The ingredient Shen Qu (Massa fermenta) is processed with wheat and may contain gluten proteins.

Peaceful Sleep Teapill Benefits 

Peaceful Sleep Teapills are small pea sized pills that contain a traditional Chinese medicinal formula of herbs (TCM).  It is a Chinese patented formula to encourage a calm mind, and promote a natural sleep and eases stress related symptoms. Traditionally it calms the shen, nourishes the heart yin and liver blood deficiency with shen and sleep disturbances, promotes mental clarity.

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