Frogalleria Pei Pei Herba
Subclass: Pei Pei Paradoxa

Be the first to discover the amazing health benefits of this new herb.  Recently discovered deep in the Amazon jungle in 3 square miles of the infamous and rare golden land Stingray. 

Used for eons by Cro Magnon Man, this herb promotes physical strength, agility, and prowess.  Frogalleria provides intense sexual encounters and sloth like reflexes.

Side Affects: Compels absolute truthfulness for 24 hours, on all subjects.  

Available Exclusively At

Available Only The First Monday Of Each Month 
From 4:31 AM - 4:38 AM

Cost:  $2,500/gram 

Benefits of:  Frogalleria Pei Pei Herba

  • Use 2 grains lose 30 lbs., use  5 grains lose 100 lbs.
  • Supports Oral Health.  A lovely green protective coating covers teeth.
  • Elevates all menopause symptoms in 10 minutes.
  • Promotes Foot Structure. Puts webbing between your toes.
  • Erectile Dysfunction vanishes.
  • Benefits tongue control and length.
  • Promotes Natural Mood Scents. Automatically let people know when you are friendly or not.
  • Let's you lounge around the pool for hours without applying SPF 40.
  • Improves Jumping Skills
  • Enhances the ability to sit on lily pads without sinking in the water
  • Promotes natural energy for enhanced sexual encounters.



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