Triphala Powder Blend

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Common Name: Triphala
Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Emblica
Triphala Ingredients: Emblica officinalis, terminalia belerica, and terminalia chebula.  (three different components: Amalaki, known by the Latin name of Emblica officinalis; Bibitaki, with the botanical name of Terminalia bellirica; and Haritaki, going by the Lain name of Terminalia chebula)
Triphala Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions for how to use.
Triphala Precautions:
Do not use if nursing or pregnant.

Triphala Benefits & Information

Triphala is a well known Ayurvedic herb that has been popular in India for hundreds of years. It is an herbal digestive support herb and supports the liver and joints.

Herbs that Combine With Triphala

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