White Tea

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What is White tea?

White tea is a true tea, it is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. White tea got its name because the leaves and buds are harvested when they are not quite fully open and are covered with white hairs. White tea is less processed than green and black teas. White tea leaves are not rolled or bruised to start oxidation as in green and black teas which allows white tea to have a low tannin level. Instead, the leaves are withered and dried in the sun or a controlled heated environment. This allows the white tea to have the highest antioxidant content of all the true teas and retain a fresh flavor.

Why You Should Drink White Tea.

White tea is pale yellow in color with a delicate refreshing taste. White tea has a low amount of caffeine (6 – 55 mg) and offers a wide variety of health benefits. A flavor profile that is slightly sweet with floral, fruity, vegetal, or spicy notes makes white tea is delicious and refreshing beverage. White tea is not bitter, unless brewed to long.

whitetea-1-.pngHealth Benefiting Nutrients in White Tea.

White tea is an excellent source for fluoride which has been shown in studies to help prevent cavities. It contains catechins, including Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), that has been found in studies to help the body fight chronic disease. White tea is high in polyphenols, which act as antioxidants to protect cell health and help the body fight disease including heart health.

White Tea Benefits 

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Benefits Cardiovascular Health
  • May Aid Weight Management
  • Benefits Oral Health
  • May Benefit The Body’s Normal Use Of Insulin
  • Benefits Bone Health
  • Supports Skin Health
  • May Benefit Cognitive Function
  • Benefits the Body’s Natural Response To Inflammation

Brewing White Tea    whitetea.png

  • Amount of Tea: 2 - 3 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea per 8 oz cup, depending on how strong you prefer or 1 teabag. If using loose-leaf tea, you can leave the leaves loose or use a tea strainer or re-useable teabag.
  • Hot Water: Add hot water to your pot or cup before you start. This will keep the tea hotter. Dump out this water when you are ready to make the tea.       Start with cold water and bring up to 170 – 185 degrees (a simmer)
  • Steeping: Pour the hot water over the tea leaves in your pot or cup and let the tea steep 2 – 5 minutes. Cover your pot or cup while the tea is steeping to keep in the volatile oils.       Taste it to decide if the flavor is what you want or steep longer to reach your desired strength.
  • Finishing: This tea’s delicate flavors lend it to be enjoyed with out additives. However, feel free to add your favorite milk, sweeteners, and flavorings if desired.

You can do more with white tea. Try adding it to fruit juices and cocktails for an added depth of flavor and nutrition. Or try adding some to a cold summer soup!

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