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  • Teasel Root (Xu Duan) - Cut Form 1 lb. - Nuherbs Lab-Tested
  • Teasel Root (Xu Duan) - Cut Form 1 lb. - Nuherbs Lab-Tested
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  • Make a decoction to extract the herbs health benefits.
  • Enjoy a health benefiting cup of herbal tea.
  • Make potent extracts or tinctures for easy dosing.

Teasel Root - Xu Duan Cut 1 lb Nuherbs

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Product Description

Herbal information on Teasel Root in bulk form.

Common Name:     Teasel Root, Dipsaci Radix

Botanical Name:    Dipsacus asper radix

Pin Yin Name:   Xu Duan

Brand: Nuherbs Lab Test - Geo-Authentic Herbs

Origin: China

Other Ingredients: None, nothing has been added to this product.

Package Size:   1 pound

Form:   Cut / Sliced, not uniform pieces.

Dosage: Follow doctors instructions on how to use this herb.

Cautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


Active Chemical Components found in this herb are:   Ethylproprionate, 2-Methyl-3-propyl-trans-oxirane, Toluene, Diisobutyl ether, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, 2, 4-Dimethyl-2, 3-heptadien-5-yne, Phenol, 1, 3, 3, -trimethyl-2-oxabicyclo octane, 1-methyl-4-(1-methylethemyl)-(S)-cyclohexene, 2-methyl-phenol, 3-methyl-phenol, 4-methyl-phenol,1, 2-dimethoxyl-benzene, 2, 4-dimethyl-phenol, Naphthalene, 4-methyl-l-(1-methyl ethyl)-(R)-3-cyclohexen-1-ol, 4-ethyl-1, 3-benzenediol, a, a, 4-trimethyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methano14-deceylresorcinol, 3-ethyl-5-methyl-phenol, 2, ethyl-04-methyl-phenol, 4ethyl-2-methoxy-phenol, 4-allyl-2-methoxy-phenol, 4-Cyclopentene-1, 3-dione 4-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)-, Bicyclo2 2 oct -2-ene, 2'-Hydroxy-4'-methoxyacetophenone, Dibenzofuran, 2, 6-bis (1, 1-dimethyl ethyl}-4-methyl-phenol

Channels:   Liver, Kidney

Additional Information:    Bitter, acrid, slightly warm,
Teasel Root is native to Japan and China. It is an erect and stout herb, with lots of compact white flowers, but the root is the interesting part for Chinese medicine.

  • Benefits the Skeletal System
  • Aids the Liver Function
  • Supports the Urinary System
  • Stimulant to the Nervous System


More information on Teasel root is found in S. Buhner's Book "Healing Lyme Disease"
Warnings: Teasel root may cause nervousness. This is due to Teasel root inviting the Lyme bacteria into the bloodstream, where the body can then detox and the immune system can go to work, you may experience undesirable effects during treatment known as a Herx reaction.
Seek professional advise before using this herb, as the side affects can be sever.

Nuherbs takes great care to ensure the herb is harvested at the proper level of maturity and correct time of the season to maximize potency.

Traditional Chinese Herbs encompasses the use of different parts of plants, such as the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds. These plant parts are often used as a tea, decoctions, extracts, made into capsules or even a footbath. These bulk herbs should be regarded as an added feature to modern western healthcare, and not as a replacement. Chinese traditional herbs ( Teas ) emphasize harmony and balance.


We encourage you to educate yourself on herbs and supplements, by researching reputable sites, and books. Having an open discussion with your physician on what will be most beneficial for your health issues. And lastly discussing interaction of herbs and pharmaceuticals with your pharmacist or physician.


Needing to know  How to Use Bulk Herbs? See our page on how to use herbs correctly. Listed below are just a few ways of using herbs in bulk form.

Parts of Plants
click to view definitions

Herbal Tincture

Herbal Decoction

Herbal Syrup/Gargle

Herbal Preparations of Topical/Facial

Herbal Tea / Infusion

Cooking with Herbs

Hard/Dried Berries


Powder first. 


Soft Fruit









Decoct first. 

Powder first. 




Decoct first.





Decoct first.

 Powder first.






 Make tea first.

 Powder first.



About Nuherbs Lab Tested Quality.


Each batch of herbs is dual-lab tested by our in-house lab and independent third party lab. Our in-house lab is equipped with instruments such as a high performance liquid chromatography, moisture determination meter, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, etc.


In addition, the following additional tests are performed:


  • Micro bacteria
  • Pesticides - over 200 pesticides tested for (Uab 2000 screen).
  • Heavy Metals - Lead, Mercury and Arsenic




Please note: 
Definitions of the following forms which our products are sold in. Plus, we offer Certificate of Analysis by request for our products.

Powdered Concentrates  100 gram container size.(3.5 oz)
This has been processed, and usually has dextrin added. This is a powder which is commonly used to make tea or capsules.
Powdered Herb This is the herb, root, berry, twig, or any form of the herb, which has been Powdered into a fine mesh which usually can be put into capsules.  Most of the Powders herbs are in a 1 pound size, unless otherwise noted.
Cut and Sift This the herb, root, berry, twig, or any form of herb cut into manageable pieces. In general about 1/4 thick.  Size of herbs are 1 pound containers
Whole In very rare occasion herbs are whole, for example the Reishi Mushroom, Noto Ginseng, Mandrake, and Marigolds. Size of herbs are 1 pound containers.  If concerned please call.
Teapills These are small pills which have already been formulated and made into small pills.  Usually the size of small peas. The teapills are swallowed whole. The formula is usually based on Ancient Chinese Medicine.
Capsules Are Gelatin Capsules, unless noted as vegetarian capsules.  Please see each individual product for further information
Tablets Are a hard tablet ranging in various sizes. Please see each individual product for further information
Extracts An extract is produced by adding alcohol to an herb and letting the medium activate the components of the herbs, as well as to preserve the herbs
Loose Leaf The herb is not in a teabag.  It is loose in the packaging.  Sizes of the leaf vary from 1/4 inch to 1 inch depending on herb and brand.


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