Yarrow Flowers

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Common Name: Yarrow Flowers, Common Yarrow, Nosebleed Plant, Old Man's Pepper, Soldier's Woundwort, Thousand-seal, Devils Nettle, Gordaldo 
Botanical Name:
Achillea Millefolium
Yarrow Flowers Dosage: Follow doctor's instruction.
Yarrow Flowers Precautions:
Do not use if pregnant or nursing. May cause allergic reactions in people who have allergies related to the Asteraceae family.

Yarrow Flowers Benefits & Information

Yarrow Flowers are used as a traditional medicinal herb that supports cardiovascular functions, promotes healthy digestion, benefits the urinary system, benefits skin health, may reduce bleeding and promotes circulation. Yarrow has anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic and detox effects. Yarrow Flowers are often used in tea for internal and external use.

Yarrow Flowers Properties: Sour, Neutral, Sweet
Yarrow Flowers Channels: Gallbladder, Liver, Heart
Yarrow Flowers Chemical Components: azulene, borneol, terpineol, camphor, cineole, isoartemesia ketone, thujone, lactones, flavonoids, tannins, coumarins, saponins, sterols, a bitter glyco-alkaloid (achilleine), cyanidin, and amino acids

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