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Huai Niu Xi, extract powder

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Herbal Information on Achyranthes Bidentata Root in Single Extract Powder Common Name:  Achyranthes root Botanical Name:  Achyranthes Bidentata Root Channels/Meridians: Liver, Kidney Pin Yin Name:  Hua…

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Herbal Information on Achyranthes Bidentata Root in Single Extract Powder

Common Name:  Achyranthes root

Botanical Name:  Achyranthes Bidentata Root

Channels/Meridians: Liver, Kidney

Pin Yin Name:  Huai Niu Xi

Other Ingredients: Dextrin (derived from non-GMO corn)

Package Size:  100 Grams   ( 3 ounces)

Form: Powder - Fine powder 80 to 100 mesh size (similar to the consistency of baking flour)

Dosage: Follow doctors instructions on how to use this herb.

Origin: China

Brand: Plum Flower, species - authenticated herbs

Cautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use with Diarrhea due to spleen deficiency.

Naturally Occurring Components:  triterpenoid saponins (including oleanolic acid and sugar after hydrolysis),
steroid compositions (ecdysterone, inokosterone, and rubrosterone),  polysaccharides,  glycine, alkaloids, coumarins compounds, iron, copper,

California Prop 65


Herbs that Regulate the Blood: Herbs that Invigorate the Blood

iInformation on huai niu xi, how to use herbs, benefits of herbs, teas, herbal tea Additional Information About Huai Niu Xi


Huai Niu Xi, scientifically known as Achyranthes bidentata, is a medicinal herb deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has a long history of use and is recognized for its various therapeutic properties. Here, we discuss the potential benefits associated with the use of Huai Niu Xi: 

Anti-inflammatory effects: Huai Niu Xi contains bioactive compounds that exhibit significant anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds help to alleviate inflammation in the body, making it a valuable herb for managing conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. 

Bone health support: In TCM, Huai Niu Xi is frequently employed to strengthen bones and promote bone health. It is believed to enhance bone density and prevent the loss of bone mass, which can be beneficial in conditions like osteoporosis. 

Analgesic properties: The herb possesses analgesic (pain-relieving) effects, which can assist in the management of various types of pain. It may be useful in alleviating pain associated with joint problems, injuries, or musculoskeletal disorders. 

Blood circulation improvement: Huai Niu Xi is recognized for its ability to enhance blood circulation. It promotes blood flow, which can have positive effects on cardiovascular health and aid in the prevention of blood stasis-related conditions. 

Diuretic action: Huai Niu Xi exhibits diuretic properties, meaning it promotes increased urine production and helps eliminate excess fluids from the body. This diuretic effect can be beneficial in reducing edema and relieving conditions such as water retention and urinary tract infections. 

Kidney support: In TCM, Huai Niu Xi is considered to have a specific affinity for the kidneys. It is believed to tonify and nourish the kidneys, promoting their proper functioning and supporting overall kidney health. 

Antioxidant activity: The herb contains antioxidant compounds that help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. This antioxidant activity can provide protection against oxidative stress and cellular damage, contributing to overall health and well-being. 

Anti-hypertensive effects: Preliminary research suggests that Huai Niu Xi may possess antihypertensive properties, meaning it could help lower high blood pressure levels. This potential benefit may be advantageous for individuals with hypertension, reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications. 

Anti-aging potential: Traditional usage of Huai Niu Xi suggests its potential anti-aging effects. It is believed to support longevity and vitality, contributing to healthy aging processes. 

Wound healing support: Huai Niu Xi has been historically employed in TCM to promote wound healing. Its properties are believed to aid in tissue regeneration and enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms. 

It is important to note that further scientific studies are necessary to fully understand the mechanisms of action and efficacy of Huai Niu Xi. As with any herbal remedy, it is advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using Huai Niu Xi, especially if you have any existing health conditions or are taking medications. The guidance of a professional can help ensure appropriate dosage, usage, and overall safety. 

  • Benefits the circulatory system
  • Supports lymphatic, immune and digestive systems
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Clears damp  heat
  • Tonifies the liver and kidneys
  • Expels blood stasis

Product Properties: Bitter, Sour, Neutral 

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 About Plum Flower Quality Herb Powders

Plum Flower is an established worldwide manufacturer of high-quality Chinese herbs, and innovative Chinese medicinal herbs and products.
Plum Flower uses sulfur-free herbs and laboratory tests its products for contamination and heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and pesticides.                                          

  • Made at GMP internationally certified facilities (Good Manufacturing Practices) Quality control tests are done at
    the manufacturing site and at third party labs to confirm results.
  • Manufactured using Unsulfured, Chlorine free, Aluminum Phosphate free herbs when possible.
  • Microbials and heavy metals tested. No preservatives

Manufacture's Statement:   It is important to note that Plum Flower formula extract powders do not contain any excipients.
They are spray-dried directly from the condensed herbal decoction, and the resulting powder is the natural yield of the formulation. 
  Individual herbs can vary significantly in the amount of dissolved solids they yield during extraction. Many do not have the
needed substance to form a powder, and our single herb extract powders contain a pharmaceutical-grade, non-GMO corn-based dextrin when necessary.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

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Chinese traditional herbs (Teas) emphasize harmony, and balance.



Huai Niu Xi, extract powder