Ye Ju Hua

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Common Name: Wild Chrysanthemum Flower
Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum indium flos
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Ye Ju Hua
Ye Ju Hua Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions.
Ye Ju Hua Precautions: Do not use if nursing or pregnant. May cause nausea if overdosed.

Ye Ju Hua Benefits & Information

Ye Ju Hua is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that clears liver fire and heat. It removes toxins and benefits the eyes. It can be used internally, but can be used in a compress over swollen foreheads or glands.

Ye Ju Hua Properties: Bitter
Ye Ju Hua Channels: Liver, Lung
Ye Ju Hua Chemical Components: acacetin-7-rhamnosidoglucoside, chrysanthemin,
yejuhua  lactone, physalin, α-thuJone, artoglasin-A, chrysol

Herbs that Combine With Ye Ju Hua

Andrographis   Burdock   Scutellaria Barbata   Vervain



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