Cang Er Zi

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Common Name:
Xanthium Fruit, Cocklebur Fruit, Siberian Cocklebur Fruit, Common Cocklebur
Botanical Name: Xanthium sibiricum fruit
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Cang Er Zi
Xanthium Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions on how to use this herb.
Xanthium Precautions: Should not be used long term. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Cang Er Zi Benefits & Information

Cang Er Zi is a medicinal herb from the flowering plant called cocklebur (Xanthium), a member of the daisy family, that is native to Asia and the Americas.  The spines and seeds of the cocklebur fruit contain a toxic chemical called carboxyatractyloside.  When Cang Er Zi is prepared for medicinal use the spines are removed from the bur and often stir-fried to reduce the amount of carboxyatractyloside in the herb.

In traditional Chinese medicine Cang Er Zi has been used for thousands of years to clear away wind, cold, and dampness, relieve nasal obstruction, and ease pain. Cang Er Zi supports nasal health, sinus health, upper respiratory health, helps to lower blood sugar, and alleviates pain.  It is commonly used for sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, headaches, rheumatism, eczema, scabies, and leprosy.

Cut Cang Er Zi can be used to make a tea, decoction, or tincture.  Use Cang Er Zi powder to make your own fresh filler-free Cang Er Zi capsules.
Cang Er Zi Herb Category:  Herbs that release the exterior.  Warm acrid herbs that release the exterior
Cang Er Zi Properties: Warm, Toxic, Slightly Bitter, Sweet
Cang Er Zi Channels: Lungs
Cang Er Zi Naturally Occurring Components: Xanthostrumarin, lecithin, palmitic acid, linoleic acid

Herbs that Combine With Cang Er Zi

Dong Quai    Cnidium   Chrysanthemum   Schisandra     Magnolia    Tribulus

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