Mullein Leaf

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Common Names: Mullein, Great Mullein, Velvet Plant, white mullein, Bullock's Lungwort, Shepherd's Club, Hare's Beard, Candleflower, Candlewick, Clot-Bur, Clown's Lungwort, Cuddy's Lungs, Duffle, European Mullein, Feltwort, Flannel Flower, Fluffweed, Gidar Tamaku, Hag's Taper, Hare's Beard, Hedge Taper, Higtaper, Jacob's Staff, Longwort, Orange Mullein, Our Lady's Flannel, Rag Pape, Jangli Tambakoo
Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus
Mullein Leaf Dosage: Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose.
Mullein Leaf Precautions: Do not use if nursing or pregnant.

Mullein Leaf Benefits & Information

Mullein Leaf is a medicinal herb benefits ear health, supports respiratory health, promotes digestive health and benefits bone & joint pain.  Mullein leaf has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfectant effects.

Mullein Leaf Naturally Occurring Components:  beta carotene, beta sitosterol, bioflavonoids, flavonoids, carotenoids, coumarins, glyosides, hesperidin, mucilage, polysaccharides, phenolic acid, saponins, triterpenoids, tannins, vitamins, minerals

Herbs That Combine With Mullein Leaf

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