Centipeda Herb

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Common Name: 
Small Centipeda, Centipeda Herb, Sneezeweed, Sneezewort, Spreading Sneezeweed, Kundush, Herba Centipedae

Botanical Name:  Centipeda Minima Herb
Pin Yin Name: E Bu Shi Cao

Centipeda Herb Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose.
Centipeda Herb Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Centipeda Herb Benefits & Information

Centipeda herb (Small Centipdea) is a flowering tropical plant originating in Australia and New Zealand with species found in Asia and South America. Centipeda is a member of the Asteracea (Daisy) family and has a long history of medicinal use for sinus health, pain relief, and reducing swelling. In traditional folk medicine centipeda has been used for sinus infections, eye infections, cough, and other respiratory concerns. For stuffy nose, the indigenous people of Australia would often crumple centipeda leaves and sniff, causing them to sneeze and their eyes to water. In India centipeda is used to ease toothache pain while in Chinese medicine centipeda aides with joint pain, liver health, irritated skin, blood sugar, snake bite, malaria, and opium poisoning.  

Centipeda herb is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb to dispel wind, dissipate wind-cold, rid dampness, resolve toxins, rid phlegm, stop cough, and ease pain. Research has found that components of centipeda herb promote the reduction of inflammation and reduce pain. Another study found that centipeda contains three sesquiterpene lactones that fight bacterial infections. Centipeda herb supports a healthy respiratory system, promotes sinus health, and benefits joint health.

Centipeda herb can be used as a tea, tincture, or compress. Centipeda herb powder is perfect to make your own filler-free centipeda capsules.

Centipeda Herb Properties: Acrid, Warm

Centipeda Herb Channels/Meridians: Lung, Liver
Centipeda Herb Naturally Occurring Components:  Sitosterols, TaraxerolTaraxasteryl palmitateCampesterol, β-sitosterol, Tannin, Arnidiol, 6-O-angeloylplenolin. 6-O-Methylacrylylplenolin, Antioxidants


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