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Below you will find the different methods of using bulk herbs. The herbs can be in several different forms such as berries, twigs, powders, roots, nuts, shells, flowers or vines.  Click on the icon below for full instructions on how to use bulk herbs.

Photo of someone's feet already dipped in a relaxing herbal foot bath which could also be expanded to a whole herbal bath to fill your whole bathtub with herbs like taking a dip in pure herbal tea      An open mason jar ready for natural herbs to be added for making herbal decoctions

Using a dropper to measure your own herbal extracts and tinctures to get the most of your herbs to use in herbal tea, herbal medicine, herbal mixtures, and other herbal products

     A refreshing cup of herbal tea is easy to prepare and something you can do at home. Make your own herbal tea and herbal infusions for stronger herbal tea and herbal properties

A fresh pot of herbal tea already portioned out for a pair to drink their herbal tea together. Learn how to make your own herbal tea through this link. Herbal tea preparatio is simple. Learn about herbal tea. Make the perfect cup  of herbal tea today.

     A person enjoy a poultice in a spa. You too can enjoy a spa like experience by using a herbal poultice or herbal compress. These are herbal topical applications and are a great way to use your organic herbs and natural herbs

A spoon catching some natural herbal syrup. Herbal syrups are very popular because they can get a new way to use your natural herbs and organic herbs in a way that is easier to taste and often tastes good. Many people like to use elderberry syrup. Eldery berries make a great syrup but so do many other herbs.

    The person pictured is enjoying an herbal facial which you can homemake. Herbal facials and other topical herbs are good for the skin and can benefit the skin in many ways. Herb facials and herb topicals can be relaxing and a way to use your organic herbs and natural herbs in a unique way.

Pictured are homemade balms and herbal salves made with natural herbs and herbal ingredients. Herbal Salves and Herbal Balms can be made at home with your favorite organic herbs and natural herbs.

       Rows of dollars you could save when you try these money saving tricks. Save money on herbs and use your herbs more effectively in your herbal formulas, herbal teas, herb capsules, and herbal products.

A pillow also called a sachet decorated and filled with lavender. Herbal pillows and herbal sachets make great gifts and also can help ease one to sleep by using herbs to help you sleep.     A picture of an herbal gift. Give the gift of health with an herbal gift which could be just an herbal tea but could also be homemade herbal soap, herbal facewash, herbal potpourri, herbal body scrub, and many more.

Pictured is a woman cooking playfully and using plenty of fresh healthy vegetables also with herbal spices, herbal ingredients, herbal recipes, and natural spices

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