Gou Qi Zi

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Common Name: Goji Berry, Wolfberry Fruit, Lycium Fruit, Lycium Berries, Christmas Berry, Fructus Lycii
Botanical Name:
Lycium chinense, Lycium barbarum fruit

Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Gou Qi Zi
Consult your healthcare professional for correct use.

Precautions: Do not take if pregnant or nursing.

Gou Qi Zi Benefits & Information

Gou Qi Zi is a popular Chinese medicinal berry that is used for traditional medicinal formulas but also used in cooking for things like stews, teas, pastries and more. Actions and benefits of Gou Qi Zi includes benefiting eye and brain function, protecting the liver, and is rich in many necessary vitamins.
Gou Qi Zi Properties:
Neutral, Sweet

Gou Qi Zi Channels: Lung, Kidney, Liver

Herbs that Combine With Gou Qi Zi 

Wormwood   Astragalus   Turmeric

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