Red Peony Root

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Common Name:  Red Peony Root, White Dahlia Root
Botanical Name: Paeonia lactiflora, Radix Paeoniae Rubra

Chinese / Pin Yin Name:  Chi Shao Yao, Chi Shao
Red Peony Root Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose.
Red Peony Root Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use in cases of amenorrhea are present. 

Red Peony Root Benefits & Information

Red Peony Root is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb to clear heat, cool blood, clears liver fire and dispel blood stasis. 
Red Peony Root benefits coronary health, promotes normal circulation, boosts the immune system,
promotes normal glucose levels benefits liver health and eases pain.  Chinese Red Peony root has
anti-spastic, antipyretic, antibiolic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Red Peony Root Properties: Sour, Bitter, Slightly Cold
Red Peony Root Channels / Meridians:  Liver, Spleen
Red Peony Root Naturally Occurring Components: Aeoniflorin, oxy-paeoniflorin, benzoylpaooniflorin, albi-florin, paeoniflorigenone, galloylpaeoniflorin, z-1s, 5R-β-pinen-10-yl-β-vicianoside, lacioflorinm, paeoni-lactone A, B, C, β-siiosierol, and daucos-terol.

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