Yi Yi Ren

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Common Name:
Coix Seed, Semens Coicis, Job's Tears, Adlay Millet, Chinese Pearl Barly, Soft-Shelled Job's Tears, Yi Hato-Mugi. 
Botanical Name: Coix lacryma jobi; Semen, Xoix Lacrymal
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Yi Yi Ren, Shen Nong Ben Cao JIng
Yi Yi Ren Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions.
Yi Yi Ren Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Yi Yi Ren Benefits & Information

Yi Yi Ren is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is used to drain dampness, support healthy digestion, clears heat, and provides botanical support for fluid balance. Yi Yi Ren supports muscle and skeletal health, benefits the urinary system and promotes healthy digestion.
Yi Yi Ren Herb Category:  Herbs That Relieve Dampness (Diuretics)
Yi Yi Ren Properties:
Bland, Slightly Cool, Sweet
Yi Yi Ren Channels:
Stomach, Lung, Spleen
Yi Yi Ren Naturally Occurring Components:
Protein, starch, oil, palmitic acid, myristic acid

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