Black Tea

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Common Names: Black Tea, Red Tea (in China), Keemun
Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis
Chinese / Pin Yin Name:  Qi Hong

Black Tea Precautions: This tea contains caffeine.  Consult your healthcare provider on use if pregnant or nursing.  

Black Tea Health Benefits & Information

Black tea is a true tea, it is made with the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant.  The leaves are fully oxidized during production to give it a dark color full body and robust flavor. Black tea offers tea drinkers a bold flavor profile that ranges from sweet floral notes to a malty, earthy and smoky taste.    Black tea is high in caffeine (95 - 200 mg per 8 oz. cup).  It's strong flavor and caffeine content make it a great choice for coffee drinkers or anyone who wants an energizing boost.  Black tea if often enjoy cold or hot with added milk, sweeteners, and flavorings.

You may be familiar with black tea in tea blends such as Early Grey and English Breakfast teas. But, did you know black tea is packed with health benefits?  Black tea is high in antioxidants, flavonoids, phytochemicals, vitamins and other nutrients that provide health benefits for a variety of health concerns.

  • Benefits Digestive Health
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • May Aid with Alertness & Natural Energy
  • Benefits Metabolism
  • May Aid Weight Management

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