Mimosa Flower

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Common Name:  Albizzia Flower, Mimosa Flower, Happiness Herb
Botanical Name:   Albizia julibrissin flower, Albiziz
Chinese / Pin Yin Name:  He Huan Hua
Mimosa Flower Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions on how to use this herb.
Mimosa Flower Precaution:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Mimosa Flower Benefits & Information

Traditionally Mimosa Flower is use to promote a calm mood and ease depression.  Mimosa Flower promotes sleep and benefits the nervous system, reproductive system, eyes and memory. 
Mimosa Flower Properties: Sweet, Neutral, Tonic
Mimosa Flower Channels/Meridians: Heart, Liver, Circulatory System

Herbs That Combine With Mimosa Flower

Huai Niu Xi     Fo-Ti     White Peony

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