Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (tablets)

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Winter Discomforts Support, Immune System Support, Upper Respiratory System Support

Teapill Name:
Lonicera and Forsythia Teapills, Lonicera and Forsythia Anti-toxic Pills
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien
Ingredients: May vary by brand.  Click on brand for more information.
Dosage: 3 - 5 tablets 3 times per day as directed on product label or as directed by your healthcare provider.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien Teapill Benefits & Information

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien is a very old traditional Chinese herbal formula that has been used in Chinese medicine since the Qing Dynasty more than 800 years ago. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it is believed that when herbs are combined they work together to create a greater therapeutic effect than single herbs.  Traditionally Yin Chiao was used to bolster the immune system, dispel pathogenic wind, benefit the throat, diffuse lung qi, clear heat, and resolve toxins. It was recommend to take at the first signs of winter discomforts. The herbal formula of Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien promotes a healthy immune system, supports respiratory health, benefits the throat, ears, body aches and headache pain.

Traditionally Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien Teapill Ingredients Include:

  • Jin yin hua (Lonicera japonica flower) - Supports Respiratory Health, Antipyretic Properties, Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • lian qiao (Forsythia suspensa fruit) - Supports Respiratory Health, Benefits The Throat, Antipyretic Properties, Antimicrobial Properties, Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Niu bang zi (Arctium lappa fruit) - Benefits The Throat, Antibiotic Properties, Anitpyretic Properties
  • Jie geng (Platycodon grandiflorum root) - Supports Respiratory Health, Benefits The Throat, Antibacterial Properties, Expectorant Properties, Immune Support
  • Bo he (Mentha haplocalyx herb) - Benefits The Throat, Support Upper Respiratory Function, Antibacterial Properties, Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Dan dou chi (Glycine max bean-prep) - Promotes Perspiration For Detox, Calms Irritability
  • Gan cao (Glycyrrhiza uralensis root) - Supports Respiratory health, Benefits Seasonal Discomforts, Support Immune System, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Adaptogen Effects.
  • Jing jie (Schizonepeta tenuifolia herb) - Supports The Immune System, Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Dan zhu ye (Lophatherum gracile herb) - Cooling Effect, Detoxifying Effect, Decreases Irritability, Relieves Thirst

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien is a popular herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and treat colds, flu, and other respiratory infections. Here are some of the reasons why people use Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien:

Boosts the Immune System: Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien is a combination of nine different herbs that work together to strengthen the immune system. The herbs help to improve the body's natural defense mechanisms, making it more effective at fighting off infections.

Relieves Symptoms of Cold and Flu: Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien can help to relieve symptoms of cold and flu, including fever, headache, sore throat, cough, and congestion. The herbs in this supplement have natural antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help to reduce the severity and duration of these symptoms.

Promotes Overall Health: The herbs in Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and relieving stress and anxiety. Regular use of this supplement may help to improve your overall health and well-being.

It is important to note that while Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien may be beneficial for some people, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you are experiencing severe symptoms of a cold or flu, it is important to seek medical attention from a healthcare professional. Additionally, if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements.










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