Many times, knowing how the herb or supplement is going to be prepared will determine the best form suited in processing of the herbs. For example, the best form for making a tincture is a cut form.  If you are going to make your own capsules, then powder would be most advantageous. See the chart below to learn more.

Powdered Concentrates
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Powdered concentrates have different yeilds compared to an herb in regular powder form. Powdered concentrates have been processed, and usually contains dextrin, an extract from corn. The manufacturing of an extract powder begins with the decoction of a single herb or formula at a low, precisely controlled temperature. Extractors are stainless steel, vacuum-sealed chambers, and this combination of low temperature extraction and vacuum–sealed container ensures that no active ingredients or essential oils are lost when released during the decoction process.

Container Size: 100 grams (3.5 ounces)

Powdered Herbs
what do fine powders look like

Powdered herbs are the herb, root, berry, twig, or any other form of the herb which has been powdered into a fine mesh. This powder can usually be put into capsules. In general terms, the powders are the same consistency as baking flour. The high sugar content powders such as Gou Qi Zi and Shu Di Huang are sticky, hard, and lumpy.

Container Size: One pound (1 lb.) unless otherwise noted.

Cut and Sift

Cut and sift herbs are the herb, root, berry, twig, or any form of herb cut into manageable pieces. In general, they are about 1/4 inch thick. 

Container Size: One pound (1 lb.) unless otherwise noted.


reishi mushrooms ling zhi

On rare occasion, herbs are sold whole. For example, reishi mushrooms have been known to be the size of 4 inches in diameter. 

Container Size: One pound (1 lb.) unless otherwise noted.

Other Whole Forms: Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Magnolia Flowers, Schisandra Berries, and Dang Gui Tou.



Teapills are small pills which have already been formulated and made into small, pea-sized spheres. The teapills are swallowed whole with room tempeture water. Depending upon the formula, they may be taken before or after a meal. Check with your health provider for proper usage. The formula is usually based on ancient Chinese medicine. 

Container Size: Teapill bottles usually contain 200 teapills unless otherwise noted.



Capsules are available in gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules. Empty gelatin capsules contain only high-quality beef gelatin and purified water. Empty vegetable capsules (also referred to as empty vegetarian capsules) consist of only two ingredients: HPMC and purified water. HPMC (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) is derived from vegetable cellulose. The capsules are 100% natural and contain no preservatives, gelatin, wheat, animal by-products or starch, and they are made from pure cellulose of either pine or poplar. Please see each individual product for further information.



Tablets are a hard tablets ranging in various sizes. Please see each individual product for further information.

Loose Leaf


Loose leaf means that the herb is not in a teabag but rather loose in the packaging. Sizes of the leaf vary from 1/4 inch to 1 inch depending on herb and brand.