Ze Xie

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Common Name: Water Plantian
Botanical Name: Alisma orientalis rhizome
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Ze Xie
Ze Xie Dosage: Follow your healthcare professional's instructions.
Ze Xie Precautions:
Do not use if nursing or pregnant. Do not use if dehydrated. Do not use in cases of damp cold.

Ze Xie Benefits & Information

Ze Xie is a traditional Chinese herb used to purge heat, drain dampness, promote diuresis and can benefit a healthy urinary tract.
Ze Xie Properties:
Cold, Sweet, Bland
Ze Xie Channels: Bladder, Kidney
Ze Xie Chemical Components: Alisol A monoacetate, Alisol A monoacetate,Alisol B monoacetate, Alisol C acetate, Epi-alisol A, 24-Acetyl alisol A, 23-Acetylalisol B, 23-Acetyl alisol C.

Herbs that Combine With Ze Xie

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