Black Teas

What's so great about Bulk Black Tea?

Black Tea leaves contain a number of unique compounds in significantly high levels. Included among them are flavonoids and phytochemicals. Flavonoids have long been know to have anti-oxidant properties which prevent cell damage thought to contribute to more than 50 diseases. Flavonoids also appear to inhibit the formation of blood clots, thus reducing the risk of stroke, and help prevent oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (the "bad" cholesterol), which can damage arteries. Both black and green tea may help prevent certain kinds of cancer, including breast, colon and lung cancer by detoxifying cancer-causing agents. Black tea may take up to ten separate steps to process, black tea is fully fermented leaves and is also referred to as red tea for the dark reddish color of their brew. The leaves start out whole but are usually broken or torn during processing. Taste can range from slightly fruity to pungently smoky and are sometimes taken with milk, sugar, lemon or other additives.

  • Carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, has antioxidant and protective properties.
  • Thiamin (vitamin B1) and riboflavin (vitamin B2) are both essential for releasing energy from food.
  • Nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid are necessary for the release of energy from fat and carbohydrate.
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is essential for a healthy immune system.
  • Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism of proteins
  • Black tea also affects the bacterial enzyme glucosyltranferase which is responsible for converting sugars into the sticky matrix material that plaque uses to adhere to teeth