Agarikon Mushrooms

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Common Name: Agarikon Mushrooms, White Agaric, Purging Agaric, Agarick, Larch Agaric Quinnine Conk
Botanical Name: Laricifomes officinalis
Agarikon Mushroom Dosage: Consult your healthcare professional for correct dosage.
Agarikon Mushroom Cautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Agarikon Mushroom Benefits & Information

Agarikon mushrooms are found in old growth forests.  Prized by the ancient Greeks for treatment of respiratory concerns, as well as native Americans for their health benefiting properties, the Agarikon mushroom has been used to address a variety of health issues.  Agarikon mushrooms, bitter in taste, contain antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory compounds.  This mushroom promotes a healthy immune system, supports the respiratory system and benefits the digestive system.