Myriad Mycology Mushroom Powder

Benefits of Mushroom Powder

Mushrooms are an under-appreciated nutritional power house--full of nutrients, abundant in nature, and, to some, very tasty. They're an amazing source of antioxidants. Some studies show some of  those antioxidants are not found to be as rich in any other dietary source.¹ Four of these important nutrients are Vitamin D, selenium, glutathione, and ergothioneine. Especially in the case of ergothioneine (also called ergo) these nutrients are wonderful antioxidants, with studies showing they support aging health.¹

But some folks are not fond of the taste of any mushroom or its texture; however, they may still want all the benefits a mushroom could bring to their diet. An easy way to get the benefits of a mushroom without having to cook around them is to add mushroom powder to your routine. It could be as simple as sprinkling some of the powder of your food or packing the powder into capsules to take.

Take a look at any of the wonderful mushrooms we have available in powder form below. Each has its own properties and benefits to consider.


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