Xiao Hui Xiang

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Common Name: Fennel Seed
Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Xiao Hui Xiang
Xiao Hui Xiang Dosage: Follow doctor or healthcare professional's instructions for best use.
Xiao Hui Xiang Precautions:
Do not use if nursing or pregnant.

Xiao Hui Xiang Benefits & Information

Xiao Hui Xiang is a traditional medicinal herb that is known to support the digestive system. It is a good source of vitamin A.
Xiao Hui Xiang Properties:
Acrid, Warm
Xiao Hui Xiang Channels:
Spleen, Stomach, Kidney, Liver

Herbs that Combine With Xiao Hui Xiang

Turmeric   Agrimony    Cardamom   Cayenne


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