Peach Kernel

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Common Name: Peach Kernel, Amygdalus Davidiana, Prunus Persica
Botanical Name: Prunus davidiana; Semen
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Tao Ren
Peach Kernel Dosage: Follow your healthcare professional or doctor's advice for how to use.
Peach Kernel Precautions:
Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
**Because of its amygdalin content, over consumption
of this herb can lead to illness or toxicity. DO NOT give to children.**

Peach Kernel Benefits & Information

Peach Kernel is a traditional Chinese medicinal seed that is typically
used as the whole, dry seed, skin and all. It is used to support blood stasis. 
Peach Kernel supports circulatory health and benefits intestinal health.
Peach Kernel Properties:
Sweet, Bitter
Peach Kernel Channels: Liver, Large Intestine, Lung, Heart