Tremella Fungus (Bai Mu Er)

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  • Enhancing Immune System
  • Improves Circulation
  • Moistens Lungs
  • Generates Fluid
  • Nourishes Yin of the Stomach

Other Names

  • Tremella
  • Tremella fuciformis
  • Jelly Fungi
  • Tremella Mushrooom
  • Snow Fungus
  • Silver Ear

Pin Yin Name

  • Bai Mu Er

About Tremella Fungus (Bai Mu Er)

Tremella fungus (Bai Mu Er), also known as tremella mushroom, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and has a wide range of beneficial properties. It has therapeutic benefits for several medical conditions. Tremella looks like a huge sponge, but it is actually a fungus which is considered a delicacy. It was traditionally used in soup, stir fry, or boiled in wine. This mushroom is also known as White Jelly Mushroom. The exterior is usually smooth and the lobes are a translucent, vibrant yellow or bright yellow-orange that fades to a light pale yellow color.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Bai Mu Er nourishes yin of the stomach, moistens lungs, and generates fluids. Tremella contains rich dietary fibers and Vitamin D. "As well as being a popular culinary mushroom in oriental cuisine, Tremella fuciformis has a long history of medicinal use and like other jelly fungi, Tremella Fuciformis is rich in bio-active polysaccharides" (Medicinal Mushroom Shop, 2016).


How to Use Bulk Herbs
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This product is pharmacopeia grade (it meets or exceeds standards of Chinese pharmacopeia guidelines). Simply put, the quality of pharmacopeia herbs is better than commonly used food grade herbs to ensure they deliver their intended effect. These herbs were made at good manufacturing practices (GMP) internationally certified facilities. Quality control tests are done at the manufacturing site and at third party labs to confirm results. The testing includes detecting for contaminants such as heavy metals, mircobacteria, and pesticide residues.


  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


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