Han Lian Cao

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Common Names:   Eclipta Herb, Herba ecliptae, Bhringraja,
False Fairy, Mo Han Lian, Wu Tian Cao
Botanical Name:  Eclipta prostrata, Herba

Chinese / Pin Yin Name:  Han Lian Cao    
Han Lian Cao Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose.
Han Lian Cao Precautions:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing. 
Do not use in cases of spleen deficient weak digestion (pixu).

Han Lian Cao Benefits & Information

Han Lian Cao is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb to nourish the
liver and kidneys, cool the blood and stop bleeding.  Eclipta herb can
be used as a liver tonic, supports a healthy digestive system, benefits
urinary health, supports hair health, benefits respiratory health and
promotes eye health.  It has analgesic, diuretic, cooling, relaxant,
antioxidant and immune boosting effects.
Han Lian Cao Properties:  Sweet, Sour, Cool 

Han Lian Cao Channels / Meridians:  Kidney, Liver
Han Lian Cao Naturally Occurring Components:  apigenin, luteolin,
quercetin, ecliptine, echinocysitic acid, wedelic acid

Herbs That Combine With Han Lian Cao

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