He Zi

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Common Name: Terminalia
Botanical Name:
He Zi

Chinese / Pin Yin Name: He Zi
He Zi Dosage:
Follow doctor's instructions for use of this herb.
He Zi Precautions:
Do not use if nursing or pregnant. Caution is advised to people with diabetes or hypoglycemia and in taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. 

He Zi Benefits & Information

He Zi is known for benefiting healthy digestion, supporting the respiratory system and supporting natural bowel movements.
He Zi Properties:
Sour, Bitter, Astringent, Neutral

He Zi Channels: Stomach, Lung, Large Intestine
He Zi Naturally Occurring Components: Chebulinic acid,  gallic acid, glutamic acid, palmitic acid, selenium, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, vitamin C, terminoic acid, chebupentol, shikimic acid, dehydroshikimic acid

Herbs that Combine With He Zi

Mugwort    Psyllium Husk   Ginger

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