Zhi Mu

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Common Name: American Dragon
Botanical Name: Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizome
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Zhi Mu
Zhi Mu Dosage: Follow healthcare professional or doctor's instructions.
Zhi Mu Precautions:
Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Don't use with deficiency of spleen and stomach.

Zhi Mu Benefits & Information

The Anemarrhena plant is a member of the lily family and is cultivated in China as a decorative plant. The roots are collected and dried for medicinal purposes. Traditionally the zhi mu is use for to promote oral health, for respiratory concerns,  and to ease lower back pain.
Zhi Mu Properties: Cold, Bitter
Zhi Mu Channels: Kidney, Stomach, Lung
Zhi Mu Chemical Components:

Herbs that Combine With Zhi Mu 

Goji Berry   Patchouli   Astragalus   Huai Niu Xi


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