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Herbal Information on Organic Artemisia Annua in Bulk Powder Form Common Name:  Sweet AnneBotanical Name:   Artemisia AnnuaChannels/Meridians:   Kidney, Liver, GallbladderOther Names: Sweet Wormwood,…

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Herbal Information on Organic Artemisia Annua in Bulk Powder Form

Common Name:  Sweet Anne
Botanical Name:   Artemisia Annua
Channels/Meridians:   Kidney, Liver, Gallbladder
Other Names: Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie
Pin Yin Name:  Qing Hao  (You Ji Qing Hao Fen)
Other Ingredients:   No fillers or excipients
Form:  Organic Bulk Herb Powder
Please Note: This powder is made from a whole herb.
It is not an extract.
It will not dissolve in water and will leave a
sediment in the bottom of your cup or glass.
Package size:   1 pound
How to use:   Encapsulate, Brew, Formula
Dosage: Follow doctor's instructions on how to use this herb.
Origin:   China
Brand:  Nuherbs Organic
Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. 
Skin contact with the plant can cause dermatitis or
other allergic reactions in some people.
Aroma of the plant is slightly bitter.

California Prop 65 

About Nuherbs Organic Qing Hao Powder

How to Use Artemisia Annua in Powder:

Benefits of Qing Hao - Wormwood

  • Cools Blood
  • Resolves Heat
  • Clears Liver
  • Clears Gallbladder
  • Benefits Digestion
  • Encourages Natural Sleep
  • Occasionally used for Headaches
  • Parasites

Product Properties: Bitter, Cold

Herb Category for Artemisia Annua is:  Herbs that Clear and Relieve Summer-Heat.

Qing Hao is one of the herbs which is
mentioned in S. Buhners book titled "Healing Lyme Disease"

What herbs can be combined with Artemisia Annua?
Huang Qin and Artemisia Annua
Chen Pi and Artemisia Annua
Chi Fu Ling and Artemisia Annua

Naturally Occurring Chemical Components

  • Artemisinol
  • Palmitic acid
  • Coumarin
  • Octacosanol
  • β-Sitosterol
  • Myrcene
  • Essenital oils
  • Artemisinin A
  • Axillarin
  • Stigmasterol

Special comments:  Qing Hao should not be cooked to
long or the active ingredients are degraded.  

The other name for wormwood is Artemisia absinthium
and has different properties. Check the botanical names
to be sure you get the herb you're looking for.

Check out our How to Use Bulk Herbs page to see
how to use herbs correctly. 

This Traditional Chinese Herb has been tested or
moisture content, active ingredients, microbial loads,
heavy metals, e-coli and certain pesticides. 

  • Made at GMP internationally certified facilities
    (Good Manufacturing Practices) Quality control tests
    are done at the manufacturing site and at third party labs to confirm results.
  • Manufactured using Unsulfured, Chlorine free,
  • Aluminum Phosphate free herbs when possible.
  • Microbials and heavy metals tested. No preservatives.

GMP Statement

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that
govern the manufacturing process of a product to ensure
that the quality and safety of the product is consistent.
To ensure compliance and traceability, each step of the
manufacturing process must be documented and adhere
to its defined guidelines. By documenting the
manufacturing process, validating the equipment used,
and following preset guidelines, the manufacture ensure

the quality of each lot of their products.


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5 Reviews

  • Artemisia Annua Herb Powder

    Posted by D. Samson on Jul 5th 2021

    Purchased before with excellent results. With Covid company said could be extensive delay in getting my order thru the border so tried searching for online replacement from another company. Could find nothing of this calibre so went ahead with placing order thru 1st Chinese Herbs and the order came thru real fast same good quality. Use it to make capsules. Very pleased.

  • Artemesia Annua Powder

    Posted by Faye on Oct 30th 2020

    Very satisfied with the appearance-color, texture of the powder, full bag which I made capsules, happy with the product.

  • Artemisia Annua

    Posted by W K. on Sep 21st 2020

    Excellent...Just what I needed

  • Artemisia Annua Powder

    Posted by Donna on Dec 16th 2019

    After research to deal with a cancerous lump on my chest wall, was led to Artemisia Annua whole plant powder as an excellent treatment. Ordered a bag of the 1st Chinese Herbs powder (which impressively comes with a Certificate of Analysis upon request) and associated empty gelatin capsules. Order arrived quite promptly despite needing to go thru Customs. Manually filling the capsules with the powder was easy. Took the product in conjunction with hormone therapy provided by doctors. Didn't notice anything with the doctor's medication, but immediately noticed an effect in the area with the powder. Started with 0.5 grams and increased to 5.0 with 2 days off on weekends as per study recommendation (2 days off required as this product is known to stop working after a period as a preventative measure). When started again could immediately feel the impact in the area again and has begun to shrink significantly. Anticipate a speedy recovery thanks to this product. Will definitely order again as required.

  • Amazing Herbs!!

    Posted by rebecca Roitblat on Feb 19th 2019

    1stchineseherbs is the best place to order your herbs from. I ordered a few different type of herbs and they were fresh and wonderful! THE SUPPORT SERVICE IS IMPECCABLE! All around, kind and patient, most professional service. You just can't go wrong!!

Artemisia Annua (Qing Hao) - Organic Powder 1 lb. - Nuherbs Brand

Was: $37.99
Now: $35.99