Astragalus Root

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Common Name:  Astragalus Root, Astragalus herb, Milk vetch. Locoweed, Yellow vetch, poison vetch, Chinese Astragalus
Botanical Name:  Astragalus membranaceus
Chinese / Pin Yin Name:  Huang Qi
Astragalus Root Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider for your proper dosage.
Astragalus Root Precautions:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use with Lupus.

Astragalus Root Benefits & Information

Astragalus Root comes from the pea family in Chinese herbalism is used  for increasing the body’s natural resistance and vitality. It is used to tonify the Qi, raise the yang, tonify the blood, strengthen the spleen, and invigorate vital energy.  It offers may health benefits such as boosting the immune system, promoting natural urination, supporting normal body fluids and benefiting the respiratory system.  Astragalus is often used as liver and blood tonics.  It contains antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial and detoxicant properties.
Astragalus Root Properties:  Sweet, Slightly Warm, Tonic
Astragalus Root  Meridians / Channels:    Lung, Spleen
Astragalus Root Naturally Occurring Components:    beta-sitosterol, calcium, choline, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, flavonoids, saponins and triterpenoid glycosides.

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