Autumn Rain (teapills)

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Teapill Names:  Autumn Rain Teapills, Adenophora And Ophiopogon Decoction Pills, Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang
Pin Yin Name:  Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Wan
Other Ingredients: Talcum, Activated carbon, Botanical wax  (may vary with brand)
Autumn Rain Teapills Pin Yin Ingredients:  Mai men dong, Yu zhu, Nan sha shen, Bei sha shen, Sang ye, Tian hua fen, Bai bian dou, Gan cao.
Autumn Rain Teapills Botanical Ingredients:  Ophiopogon japonicus tuber, Polygonatum odoratum rhizome, Adenophora tetraphylla root, Glehnia littoralis root, Morus alba leaf,Trichosanthes kirilowii root, Dolichos lablab seed, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root.
Autumn Rain Teapills Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider or follow package directions.
Autumn Rain Teapills Precautions:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.      

Autumn Rain Teapills Benefits

Autumn Rain Teapills are an easy to take tradtional Chinese Medicine herbal formula used for centuries to nourish the lungs, moisten dryness, nourish the stomach yin and nourish body fluids.  Autumn Rian Teapills benefit respiratory health.