Jing Jie

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Common Name: Schizonepeta, Schizonepta herb, Schizonepeta Stem & Bud
Botanical Name: Schizonepeta tenufolia
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Jing Jie 
Jing Jie Dosage: 
Follow doctor or healthcare professional's instructions for how to use this herb. 
Jing Jie Precautions:
 Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Jing Jie Benefits & Information

Jing Jie is a traditional medicinal herb that is known for supporting a healthy inflammation response and generally supporting a healthy immune system. It's popularly used topically or as a poultice.  
Jing Jie Properties: 
Fragrant, Acrid, Slightly Warm
Jing JieChannels / Meridians: Liver, Lung

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