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how to use powdered herbs, how to use medicinal herb powders, how to get therapeutic doses of herb powders.Shop our large selection of Chinese herbs and western herbs! At 1st Chinese Herbs we offer safe, fresh and high-quality powdered medicinal herbs to help you  manage your health needs. Select from a wide variety of lab tested and organic herb powders that you can feel confident using.

All of the herbs we offer are rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides, other impurities and for authentication. A Certificate of Analysis is available for our cut, powdered and whole herbs upon request.
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What advantages do users gain from incorporating powdered herbs into their routine?

Ease of Consumption: Powdered herbs offer a convenient and versatile way to incorporate herbal benefits into your routine. They can be easily mixed into various foods, beverages, or smoothies, providing a hassle-free and palatable method of consumption.

Improved Absorption: Powdered herbs are often more readily absorbed by the body compared to whole herbs or capsules. The fine particles allow for enhanced bioavailability, ensuring that the body can efficiently absorb and utilize the active compounds present in the herbs.

Customizable Dosages: Powdered herbs enable precise control over dosage, allowing users to tailor their intake based on individual needs and preferences. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those seeking personalized herbal regimens or adjusting dosages for specific health goals.

Quick Assimilation: The powdered form facilitates faster assimilation of herbal compounds in the digestive system. This can result in quicker onset of effects, making powdered herbs a suitable option for individuals looking for prompt relief or support.

Versatility in Applications: Powdered herbs seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, effortlessly enhancing cooking, baking, or blending into beverages. This versatility provides a flexible and enjoyable way to experience the myriad benefits of herbs across various culinary and wellness scenarios.

Extended Shelf Life: Properly stored powdered herbs often have a longer shelf life compared to their whole counterparts. The reduced surface area and exposure to air contribute to increased stability, ensuring that the herbs maintain their potency over an extended period.

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NuHerbs Lab Tested

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Herbal Information for Wildcrafted Licorice Root in Cut Form Common Name: Licorice Root, Sweet RootBotanical Name: Glycyrrhiza uralensis root

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Now: $20.00
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