Stephania Root

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Common Name: Stephania Root
Botanical Name: Stephania Tetrandrae Root
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Han Fang Ji, Fang Ji
Stephania Root Dosage:
Follow your healthcare professional's advice for how to use.
Stephania Root Precautions:
Do not use if nursing or pregnant.

Stephania Root Benefits & Information

Even though this Stephania Root can be used in capsules, or made into a liquid tincture, a decoction is generally the most common way of using this herb. It's can herb recommended by Stephen Buhner in his book about Lyme Disease.
Stephania Root Properties: Very Cold, Bitter in Taste, Acrid
Stephania Root Channels:
Kidney, Bladder, Spleen
Stephania Root Naturally Occurring Components: 
Tetrandrine or Hanfangchin A, Fangchinoline (Hanfangchin B or Demethyl tetrandrine), Hanfangchin C, Menisine, Menisidine, Cyclanoline, Oxofangchirine, stephanthrine, glycosides, phenols, organic acids

Herbs that Combine With Stephania Root

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Healing Lyme Disease by S. Buhner, The Natural Health Dictionary:  Your Comprehensive A-Z Guide for Healing by Dr. Mao Shing Ni

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