Ban Zhi Lian

Review Forms and Sizes Below

Pin Yin Name: 

  • Ban Zhi Lian 

Other Names:

  • Skull Cap Herb
  • Barbat scullcap
  • Bearded scutellaria


Why buy herbs in bulk form?
1.  Considerable Savings: Economically sound. When purchasing in bulk you don't pay for fillers, or fancy packaging.
2.  Quality / Attributes: Visually assessing the
exceptional quality of the bulk herb before the herbs or mushrooms are used.
3.  Sharing:   When buying in bulk it is easy to
divide among family and friends. Giving the opportunity to try new herbs and infusion plus learn how to use them.
4.  Shelf-life: When bulk
tea, herbs and spices are stored properly, cut bulk herbs can be potent up to 3 years.
5.  Environmentally Conscious Benefits: Most herbs are available in resealable bags,
decreasing the amount which goes into the landfill.
6.  Versatility of Herbs: Chinese Traditional herbs and Western Bulk Herbs may be used in several ways, such as Teas, Poultice, Tinctures, and from the powder money saving capsules.