Damiana Leaf Wildcraft

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Common Names: Damiana, Damiane, Oreganillo, Mexican Holly, Damiana de Guerrero, Mexican Damiana, Bourrique
Botanical Name: Turnera diffusa, Urnera diffusa
Damiana Leaf Dosage: Consult your healthcare professional for correct dosage.
Damiana Leaf Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  Do not give to children.

Damiana Leaf Benefits & Information

Damiana Leaf is a memeber of the Turneraceae family of tropical shrubs found in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Damiana Leaf supports a healthy libido, promotes sexual potency, promotes positive and calm mental attitude, benefits digestion, supports normal hormone balance, benefits urinary tract health and may ease pain.  It has antiseptic, analgesic and antiboitic effects.
Damiana Naturally Occurring Components: minerals, tannins, antioxidants, flavonoids

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