Mi Meng Hua

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Common Name:  Buddleia Flower Bud, Buddleja, Buddleja Flower, Flos Immaturus Buddlejae Officinalis, Pale Butterfly Bush Flower, Butterfly Bush, Buddlea
Botanical Name:  Buddleja officinalis flower bud
Chinese Pin Yin Name:  Mi Meng Hua    
Mi Meng Hua Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose.
Mi Meng Hua Precautions:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  Do not use in large doses 

Mi Meng Hua Benefits & Information

Mi Meng Hua is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that  clears the liver, purges fire and lessens visual obstruction. Mi Meng Hua benefits include support for healthy vision and liver health.
Mi Meng Hua Properties: Sweet, Cool
Mi Meng Hua Channels / Meridians: Liver, Spleen
Mi Meng Hua Naturally Occurring Components:  Acacetin, buddleo-glucoside, Pmethoxycinnamoylaucubin, luteolin

Herbs That Combine With Mi Meng Hua

Abalone Shell     Chaste Berry     Astragalus Milk Vetch Seed     Cassia Seed    Goji Berry     Chrysanthemum

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