The Benefits of Capsules

The Benefits of Capsules from 1stChineseHerbs






Herbal capsules (also known as pills, caplets, and supplements) can provide a variety of health benefits. Herbal capsules tend to be more beneficial than herb tablets because they often do not contain the fillers that tablets have. The herbal capsule's outer casing dissolves in the stomach for easy herb assimilation and absorption. Additionally, they often contain just the herb so you are getting the 100% natural herb potency as compared to a tablet which might only contain 25% of the herb you are looking for. 

Make sure you consult with your naturopathic doctor, physician, or herbalist before starting to take a new herbal supplement. To learn how to save money by making your own herbal capsules, click here to visit our Save Money on Herbs page. If you have any questions, please let us know by sending us a message through the contact form on the bottom of this page.

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The Benefits of Herbal Capsules
Herbal Capsules can provide a variety of health benefits. Make sure to read and understand what each natural herb can do for you. We provide you with information about each herb on each product page so you can make the best decision for your health. You can also make your own herbal capsules to maximize your savings. The most notable benefit from making your own herb capsules (besides saving money) is that you know exactly what is in them. You know the ratio of herbs in your formula, which fillers you used, or that there are no fillers if you decide not to use them. You are in complete control!

1. Fewer Side Effects: Many natural herbs can provide the same effectiveness of medications without the harmful side effects. Of course, make sure you understand the possible risks and side effects that some herbs may have before deciding to start taking herbal supplements.

2. Convenience: Herbal Capsules are easy to take with you when you travel, meaning you won't have to brew a herbal tea in your hotel room if you want to take some turmeric. 

3. Natural Ingredients: Many herbal capsules only contain the desired herb. That means you aren't getting any additives that you don't want. 

4. Effectiveness: Herbs are nature's way of helping your body get back to good health. Many natural herbs are clinically proven to be as effective as prescription medications.

5. Taste: Bitter or sour herbs may be difficult to drink as a herbal tea. When you take them in encapsulated form, they are much easier to swallow. 

Different Types of Herb Capsules
You might see different terminology when looking through our herbal capsule selection. There is a slight distinction between the different forms offered. Whole herb capsules are made from ground up plants and might include leaves, stems, and roots along with other natural ingredients. Herbal extracts are herbs without any plant fiber in a strong, concentrated form. Standardized herbal extracts are also without plant fiber but in a standardized amount to guarantee potency and maximum benefits.

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