An Mien Wan | An Mien Pian

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Common Names: An Mien Wan, An Mien Pien  (Tablets), Peaceful Sleep Teapills, An Mien Teapills
Other Ingredients (may vary by brand): Dextrin, Sucrose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium oxide, Hypromellose, Carbowax, Magnesium stearate
An Mien Wan Pin Yin Ingredients: Suan zao ren, Yuan zhi, Fu ling, Zhi zi, Shen qu, Gan cao
An Mien Wan Botanical Ingredients: Ziziphus jujuba seed, Polygala tenuifolia root, Poria cocos fungus, Gardenia jasminoides fruit, Massa fermenta, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root
An Mien Wan Precautions: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
**Allergy Information: Contains tree nuts & wheat. The ingredient Shen Qu (Massa fermenta) is processed with wheat and may contain gluten proteins.

An Mien Wan Benefits 

An Mien Wan are small pea sized pills that contain a traditional Chinese medicinal formula of herbs (TCM).  It is a Chinese patented formula to encourage a calm mind, and promote a natural sleep and eases stress related symptoms. Tradtionally it calms the shen, nourishes the heart yin and Liver Blood deficiency with Shen and sleep disturbances, promotes mental clarity.