Mulberry Fruit

Review Sang Mulberry Fruit Forms and Sizes BelowTry this low-calorie snack, Mulberry Fruit has many supportive health benefits. Add to trail mix, supportive herb, easy to make into jam or drink as a tea.

Common Name: White Mulberry Fruit, Mulberry Fruit
Botanical Name: Morus Alba Fructus
Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Sang Shen Zi
Mulberry Fruit Dosage: Follow your doctor or healthcare professional's advice for use.
Mulberry Fruit Precautions: Do not use if nursing or pregnant. Do not use in cases of diarrhea. 

Mulberry Fruit Benefits & Information

Mulberry Fruit is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that strengthens the spleen, tonifies the liver, nourishes the yin and blood, promotes the production of saliva and moistens dryness. Mulberry Fruit promotes healthy digestion, benefits liver heath and supports cardiovascular health.
Mulberry Fruit Properties: 
Cold, Sweet
Mulberry Fruit Meridians / Channels:  Kidney, Liver, Heart
Mulberry Fruit Naturally Occurring Components: Resveratrol, anthocyansides, carotene, vitamin C, tannin, linoleic acid, rutin, myricetin, cyanidin

Herbs that Combine With Mulberry Fruit

Gou Teng   Scutellaria Baicalensis  Schizonepeta