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What are Teapills

Loose teapills

Teapills are herbal formulas designed to address certain health concerns.  Teapills are a combination of herbal extracts that are formed into small pea-sized balls.  Teapill formulas may contain up to 21 different herbs.  Many teapill formulas are centuries old, however, formula ingredients may vary by brand.  Always check the ingredient list if trying a formula in a different brand.

Teapill Dosage

The typical therapeutic teapill dosage is 8 pills 3 times per day.  The amount of pills may vary by formula.  Always check the dosage recommendations on the bottle or follow your healthcare provider's instructions.

Why Do I Have To Take So Many Teapills?

Teapills are made from herbal extracts that are combined to form small herbal balls (pills).  To consume the appropriate dosage of herbs a quantity of pills must be consumed.  Keeping the pills a smaller size makes them easier to swallow and adjust dosage if needed.

How Do Teapills Work In The Body

Teapills are not like pharmaceuticals that stay in your body for hours or days after consumption.  The body processes herbs like food.  You consume them, they are utilized in the body and then eliminated.   The therapeutic effects of the herbs in the teapills last as long as they are in the body so it is important to take teapills as directed.

How To Use Teapills

The teapills are convenient to use, and no brewing the formula for hours. Simply take with room temperature water. 



Active Herb Brand Teapills

Jade Dragon Teapills

Min Shan Brand Teapills

Plum Flower Brand Teapills

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