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Here at, we want to make sure you are getting the best herbal experience. We want to make sure:

· You are happy with your purchase. See our Customer Testimonials page to read about other happy customers.

· You are impressed by the quality of our offerings. See our Nuherbs Quality Assurance Page and our Plum Flower Quality Assurance Page

· You are familiar on how to use the herbs you are getting. Check out our informational pages on bath & foot bathdecotions, extracts & tinctures, herbal teas & infusions, how to use teapills, pets, pillows & sachets, poultices & compresses, salves & balms, syrups & gargles, the benefits of capsules, and topical & facial.

· You are acquainted with the properties of the herb or supplements offered. See our pages on Parts of Plants Used, Product Forms We Offer, and Terminology and Definitions.

· We offer a Certificate of Analysis to show the caliber of the herbs sold.

· If you are dissatisfied with the form of herb that you purchased, let us know! We can help.


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Call us!  Our local number is (360) 970-1550If you prefer email, use our Contact Form at the bottom of this page to send us a message.


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Customer Service