Customer Testimonials

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“I have been using 1st Chinese for years now and got great results. Most conventional treatments are not effective enough for me, but herbal remedies are an invaluable resource to treat my ailments.” - Charlotte from Burgaw, NC

“Thank you for providing a very good service.” - Vicki from Sapello, NM

“I really enjoy your emails and web site. I've always bought herbs from other stores but yours is the first to ship my order out within a few days instead of weeks. Thank you for your quick service. And your herbs are fresher and better than even our local stores. You're great! Keep up the good work and many blessings.” - Carolyn from Morrison, OK

“Bulk and economy sizes are very good for those of us who use these herbs daily!” - Ferrin from Baton Rouge, LA

“Appreciate the speediness with which you process your orders!” - Randy from Charlottesville, VA

“Fabulous service and pricing.” - Lauren from Groveland, MA

“Thank you for the wide selection of Lyme Disease herbs!” - Jan from Scandia, MN

“I'm a new customer. I discovered your website a couple months ago. I was pleased with the speed and accuracy of the shipment of my order. Thanks!” - Anne from Bradenton, FL

“Good prices!” - Mara from Las Vegas, NV

“I really like the herbs used for Lyme being categorized together.” - Lisa from Dow, IL

“Loved your selection of bulk whole herbs/mushrooms, etc., and the variety of forms you sell.” - Kyle from Oklahoma City, OK

“Thank you so much for your great customer service and products. It is really a joy to do business with you!” - Lisa from Austin, TX

“I love Chinese herbs! They work for me and my family!” - Hiep from Charlotte, NC

“Great site!” - Gail from Troy, MO

“I'm very happy I found you on the internet. I look forward to being a steady customer!” - Myron from Erie, PA

“Thank you for all the help you have given to people suffering with Lyme disease. I read many positive comments about your company.” - Aviva from Nashville, TN

“Thank you for your excellent service and information.” - Eda from Rexburg, ID

“I'm very glad to purchase from you. I buy herbs for Lyme Disease. I buy for my friends who have Lyme too. The quality and effectiveness are very good. You have good prices, promotions and purchase conditions. Keep it up.” - Artur from Jaworzno, Poland

“I like your store very much.” - Gina from Atascadero, CA

“Just beginning to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine and find it fascinating! Started acupuncture for treatment of anxiety and insomnia and the results are fantastic. Looking forward to trying TCM herbs to help support balance and resolving health issues.” - Jenny from Lansdale, PA

“Great to find you!” - Marsha from Redlands, CA

“Thanks for being a reliable source for my herbal needs.” - Marietta from Lusby, MD

“Just received my shipment. That was the fastest order I think I have ever placed. These pills are wonderful. Was given them by my acupuncturist and she no longer sells them so I found your website and ordered. You have a lifetime customer! Thanks.” - Bonnie from Cedar, MN

“I really like your company!” - Theora from Ovid, MI

“I have had excellent service from your company. I am very pleased.” - Thomas from White Hall, MD

“I've had a bit of a health struggle and have come a long way since introducing different natural health practices into my life. I just recently ordered some of your eleuthero and some of your Japanese knotweed and I am very satisfied with both. I'm learning about a lot of different herbs and have a strong interest in a few that I have taken and learned about... Thank you so much for being a supplier of such a great thing I look forward to doing a lot of business with you all and if we can communicate all the better!” - Richard from Tulsa, OK

“Thanks for your selection of herbs and knowledgeable information. Nuherbs is excellent.” - David from Minnetonka, MN

“I have a bipolar disorder. I believe in using natural medicine--better yet natural teas of all sort to help with my anxiety. I believe I'm the world's biggest fan of tea because I drink 8 cups of tea a day. In every cup I put up to 4 different flavor tea bags... It really is the key to a good night's rest. Thank you!” - Onna from Prudenville, MI

“I like the site. It's very informative!” - Maria from Orlando, FL

“Very happy with your products so far. I also recommended you to a friend.” - Kathryn from Mounds View, MN

“I liked your peaceful sleep herbs.” - Julie from Las Cruces, NM

“I like your herbs. I have over time reduced my prescriptions med with the usage of herbs.” - Samuel from Lancaster, CA

“I shopped around for Plum Flower brand. You have the best deals!” - Laura from Boulder, CO

“I think what you offer is fantastic!” - Jennifer from New York, NY

“I used your jade dragon tea pills for menopause and was quite successful.” - Linda

“You've been very highly recommended!” - Nancy from Sebastopol, CA

“Your website has the most useful information on Chinese herbal properties and uses that I could find. Thanks.” - Gregory from Mercer Island, WA

Customer Reviews on Yelp
We have many recent 5-star customer reviews on Yelp, but unfortunately Yelp has decided to only use the oldest review (from nearly a decade ago)! Here are the reviews on Yelp that you are missing:

✭✭✭✭✭ "Never thought I would find this herb, but I did at 1st Chinese Herbs.  They did have to special order it, but within 5 days, I was sipping my tea.  Thank you" - Lucy R. from Olympia, WA

✭✭✭✭✭ "The herbal tablets cleared my stuffy sinuses right up. Good price and very pleased!" - Joanne B. from Yelm, WA

✭✭✭✭✭ "I needed some teapills and I compared prices among several different websites. This one had the best prices! I got my order quickly and without any issues. They even offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more! I will be using from now on for all my herbal needs." - MacKenzie A. from Cary, NC

✭✭✭✭✭ "Lots of herbs, and formulas which I used to drive miles for. Now easy, I go on line and usually in 5 days I have my items. Always great color, and quality. I signed up for their newsletter and I got an extra discount on my last order. I could not ask for any better, thanks 1st Chinese Herbs." - Fred B. from Olympia, WA