Save Money on Herbs

Save 50% or More on Packaged Herbs by Making Your Own Capsules!

There are several advantages to making your own capsules. It is easy to do, no special training.  With a little practice, you will be making your own capsules to your needs and have the satisfaction of not paying high priced store bought formulas. Make a few at a time, or make enough to last a few months. Your choice, your formula, and most of all your savings! We also have a Benefits of Capsules page with additional information.

Here is an example of buying 1000 Cat's Claw capsules versus making your own capsules at home. Depending upon how fine the powder is, one pound of powder will make anywhere from 700 to 1000 capsules of the size 00. The one-time cost of a capsule maker has not been included in the cost savings break down. 

Buying Bulk vs. Buying Pre-Packaged Capsules
Cat's Claw Powder Cost $18.99 Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
1000 Empty Gel Capsules $16.25 Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
Cost of Container $1.50 Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
Label $0.50 Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
Time to fill capsules (15 minutes) $0.00 Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
    Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
    Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
    Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
    Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
    Bottle of Cat's Claw 100 Capsules $8.99
Total Cost  $37.24 Total Cost  $89.99
Total Savings: $52.75!

Positive Advantages Of Making Your Own Capsules 

(The example above is from 2/2019)

Making your own capsules can provide significant cost savings while offering multiple advantages for consumers. By creating custom capsules at home, individuals have the flexibility to choose the specific ingredients, dosage, and even the size of the capsules according to their preferences. This DIY approach not only allows for personalized health solutions but also eliminates the need to purchase pre-made supplements at higher retail prices. Ultimately, taking control of the capsule-making process not only saves money but also empowers individuals to tailor their supplements to suit their unique health needs.

Super easy to do.

1. Price: You are able to save 50% or more by making your own herbal capsules.

2. Ingredients: You have complete control over the ingredients in your capsules and can avoid unnecessary excipients and fillers. You know exactly what is in each capsule that you make. Many companies still try to deceive you by putting the weight of the capsules on the front of the bottle, such as 450mg per capsule. Then, when you review the back of the bottle it states that only 150mg is the herb and the rest is millet or another grain. Even though the weight of the capsules is correct, the capsules may contain other fillers.

3. Formula: Your formula designed by you. It is sometimes difficult to find the right amount of herbs in pre-made capsules and tablets. If you only want 20mg of an herb, then that is what goes into your formula. 

4. Taste: Bitter or sour herbs may be difficult to drink as a tea. When you take them in encapsulated form, they are much easier to swallow.

5. Composition: There different types of capsules available. Gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules are the most popular.

6. Sizing: There are a few different sizes of capsules, some larger and some smaller. These are helpful if you have difficulty swallowing. Sizes "0" and "00" are most common.

7. Test Batches: Easily make small batches to insure the formula you have created is properly designed for your needs. Once you know your formula works for you, you can make a larger batch.

8. Freshness: Using fresh herbs, you can guarantee that your capsules are made with the freshest and most potent ingredients!