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The world of teas is an adventure for your senses!  Teas can have a taste ranging from a light delicate floral or fruity flavor with a sweet smell to a robust rich full bodied flavor with a roasted smell.  Add herbal teas into the mix and it is easy to become confused.  

Teas can vary greatly, white, green, oolong, black, and rooibos.  The four teas are all made from the same plant, which is the camellia sinensis.   What creates the difference in the teas, is how it is harvested, dried and produced.  In addition, the region the tea is grown in can effect the flavor and appearance of the tea.  Most teas are grown in China and surrounding countries.  The rooibos tea is from an evergreen South African shrub.

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  • Tea offers a variety of health benefits including
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Benefits cardiovascular & circulatory health
  • Up to 50% less caffeine than coffee
  • Supports immune health
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Calorie Free
  • Benefits bone health
  • Supports oral health

white tea, green tea, healthy tea, herbal teas, White Tea
White Tea is defined as Camellia sinensis plant with not additional processing.  It is made from the buds and the immature tea leave.   The white tea is dried naturally in the sun.  White tea is not rolled or oxidized, which creates a lighter color tea than other green or black teas.

Why drink white tea. This form of tea is known for it antioxidant benefits.  Other positive aspects of drinking white tea is improving the metabolism, protects the brain, and supports normal cholesterol levels.

How to drink white tea.  
Add in 2 tsp. of white tea leaves in to an eight ounce cup.
Once the water has been brought to the temperature of 179 to 185 degrees pour a cup of heated water,  over the leaves.
This is the part not to leave out.  Cover your cup with a lid and let the white tea steep for 2-5 minutes – depending on the variety of white tea you are using.  This time will also vary depending upon the boldness of the flavor you are desiring.
When the steeping of the white tea is completed pour into your favorite mug.   Let cool to your perfect temperature and enjoy. 

What Is the Flavor of White Tea?
Once the white tea is brewed, it turns into a pale colored, almost odorless, velvety smooth and delicate drink. Its sweet flavor has been compared to honey, and apricots, and peaches. In fact, the white tea has long been celebrated for its distinct, sweet flavor. 

green-tea.pngGreen Tea
Green tea is not oxidized.   When green tea is harvested it immediately undergoes a process, usually steam, to stop the oxidization.  The leaves are then rolled and shaped and dried. Green tea contains approximately 20 - 40 mg. of caffeine per 8 oz. cup.  

Why drink green tea?   It contains less caffeine than coffee.  Green tea contains L-theanine, which is an amino acids that promotes a state of calm awareness.  Choked full of antioxidants including polyphenols.  Benefits the cardiovascular system.  
Supports healthy metabolic rate and increases fat burning. Aids in protecting the pancreatic cells from damage due to diabetes.

How to drink green tea.  Most people will drink green tea throughout the day, but not past 4pm due to the slight amount of caffeine.  
If you prefer it slightly sweet then feel free to add any of the following sweeteners:  sugar, honey, stevia, or agave.   The main issue why some people won't drink green tea is because it is bitter.  This is only true if you over steep the leaves.   Green tea when properly brewed is a pleasant tasting tea, and can be very refreshing.

  • Light green or golden color.
  • Light body
  • Mild flavor, can be lightly sweet or vegetal
  • Green tea is commonly used in conjunction with weight management
  • High in antioxidants
  • Contains Epicallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a compound believed to decrease appetite.

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oolong-tea.pngOolong Tea
Oolong tea is partially oxidized. Oolong tea leaves are harvested, wilted and undergo an oxidation process.  How much the leaves are oxidized depends on the desired end results.  Oolong tea can be oxidized between 5%  - 80%.  This tea is complex and aromatic.

Why drink Oolong Tea? The biggest reason most people drink oolong tea is the weight loss benefits. Oolong tea is full of antioxidants and consequently may help in boosting up the metabolism rate by up to ten per cent which leads to more burning of calories.

How do I drink Oolong tea (sometimes known as Wu long)
Many ways but the best way is making it without an infuser. This allows the leaf to full "bloom" in the hot water. Equaling the best tasting if not over steeped.  Just like the green tea, sweeteners can be added, but if brewed properly usually none are required. Try the Oolong tea, it deserves at least to be tried, but prepared to say this is the best tasting tea EVER.

  • Light pale yellow to a dark amber color
  • Flavor rich and can range from sweet, grassy and floral to a bold, roasted flavor
  • Quality oolong teas can be infused multiple times offering pleasant subtle variances in flavor.
  • May benefit healthy blood glucose levels

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black-tea.pngBlack Tea
Black tea is completely oxidized.  Many people are familiar with black tea and its deep aroma.  It is the tea used in popular breakfast blends such as English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey.  Black tea contains approximately 14 - 61 mg caffeine per 8 oz. cup, about half of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Why drink black tea?  
Rich bold flavors. May support natural blood sugars.  Some studies are suggesting that it helps prevent bone loss.  black tea, how to brew tea, why drink black tea, what are the benefits of black tea

How to drink black tea? Black tea can be served hot with a slice of lemon.   Add milk and sugar to the black tea, for a treat at the end of a meal.  Drink it cold on a hot summers day.  Make a sweet tea out of the brewed black tea.   Though all these ways are great, maybe the best way is with a small amount of milk plus a cookie to dunk into the tea.   Not lady like at all but oh my ever so good. 

  • Dark amber to reddish brown
  • Black tea can have a wide range of flavors: malty, caramel, earthy, nutty, robust, rich,
    bold, citrus, fruity
  • May benefit cardiovascular health

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roobios-tea.pngRooibos Tea (Red Tea)
Rooibos tea is an herbal tea.  Rooibos tea is made from a shrub called aspalathus linearis that is found on the western shore of South Africa. The leaves are fermented which turns them into a reddish-brown color, resulting in a red tea. Rooibos tea is caffeine free and high in antioxidants.  Only now some clinical studies suggest that the flavonoids in rooibos tea can be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress. Aspalathin and nothofagin are the main flavonoids, or type of polyphenols, found in Aspalathus linearis and have stronger anti-oxidative activity than other flavonoids.

  • Dark reddish-brown color
  • Flavor is smooth and can be slightly sweet, nutty, rich, full-bodied, woody
  • Benefits cardiovascular Health
  • May benefit blood glucose levels 

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