What is depression?

It is normal for everyone to feel a little sad now and then, but when that sadness does not go away even after weeks or months, that is usually a sign of depression. When there is chemical imbalance through poor nutrition or any other reason, the brain can be adversely affected; this can manifest itself as melancholy, the blues, sadness, depression, or anxiety

How is depression treated?

There are many different ways to treat depression. The medical community typically addresses depression and anxiety through biochemical means with the use of drugs. These drugs may be necessary if a patient is in danger of harming him or herself or if quality of life cannot be restored any other way. Even if drugs are being used, balancing the body’s biochemistry with nutrition is still a good idea. The function of enzymes and neurotransmitters and the integrity of the nerve tissue are all affected by nutrition. Therapy is often used in depression patients as well. 


What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression has many symptoms and these symptoms can vary from person to person. Here are some of the most common symptoms of depression:

• seeming nervous or agitated all the time
• weight fluctuations
• sleeping problems
• poor concentration
• low-self esteem
• loss of interest in things previously enjoyed
• thoughts of suicide (if you are having suicidal thoughts, please visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline)
• persistent feelings of worthlessness
• aches, pains, or cramps that do not get better with treatment

What causes depression? 

Medical specialists agree that a huge range of factors can cause depression. These factors might be physical, environmental, biological, or psychological. Some pre-disposing factors include:

• hormonal imbalances
• poor diet
• hypoglycemia
• stress
• trauma
• abuse
• poor digestion or nutrition

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